Preparing Tomorrow's Engineers

The Transferable Integrated Design Engineering Education (TIDEE) project focuses on developing and assessing students' capabilities in engineering design. The end goal is to produce qualified and successful engineers for future generations.

Measuring Added-Value Using a Team Design Skills Growth Survey

Proceedings of the 2005 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition

Dr. Susmita Bose working with studentAssessing student learning in design courses is essential for giving them feedback on their integration of a wide range of knowledge and skills. The Team Design Skills Growth Survey, is easy to administer and interpret in discerning design capabilities of students in introductory engineering design classes.

This tool measures student perceptions about their professional growth and correlates these with perceived course emphasis on learning outcomes for design skills, teamwork skills, and communication skills


Proceedings of the 2005 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition

Dr. Denny DavisEngineering educators, students, and practitioners possess “understandings” of what constitutes quality performance by the engineering professional.

Misguided or mismatched understandings can lead to inappropriate career decisions, ineffective curriculum, and poor performance evaluations.

This paper describes a process and defines the profile of an engineer performing well in professional practice. Developed with input from both academic and non-academic engineers, the profile presents technical, interpersonal, and professional skills or behaviors that align with key roles performed by the engineer. The profile is a valuable resource for educators and for students aspiring to become high performing professionals in the field of engineering.

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Design Process

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A primary tenet of TIDEE is to focus students on the understanding and learning of the design process. Students acquire the ability to tackle a variety of engineering challenges when they gain a framework in which to approach the problem.